The rain keeps pouring down in light but persistent sheets, tapping against the windowpanes and dripping down on our germaniums. The scene outside seems like someone had put a filter over the garden painting it in a dull, drab gray.

The kitten seems to be the only one with life these days. Every now and then he whizzes out of his hiding place underneath our sofa to paw at a hanging plastic bag (you know, the one which we keep all the other plastic bags in) or an unsuspecting ankle. He’s gotten big enough to reach my knee when he tries. I’m sure I’ve kicked him about three times; accidentally of course.

I remember when we first got him. It was on a day like this. We found him, whining and sopping wet, hiding underneath one of our leafier plants (I can never remember the name of your plants, darling.) You wrapped him up in a towel and nursed him into this ADHD thing we have today.

I grab at the fur ball as it was streaking past me to heaven knows where. It’s a black and white, funny little thing. He tries to grab at my nose as I hold him by the flap of skin behind its neck. I drop him into my lap, cradling him like a baby while he looks at me with those yellow eyes wondering what the heck I’m doing. These days I don’t know the answer to that myself.

“We got this kitten just a month and a half ago didn’t we? He’s gotten so big he can be used as a rag now,” I laugh.

I hold him up under the armpits while he gnaws at me. He probably wants to go on another one of his adventures where he destroys our things around the house. I bop him on the nose with my own and let him be on his merry way.

I stare into my mug. The tiny bits of foam are slipping away from it, fading into nothingness. The smell wafts into my nose as the steam fogs up my glasses. I can’t see what’s in front of me anymore.

I put down the mug with a light thud and look out the window, waiting for them to un-fog rather than wiping them on my shirt.

“It’s quite cold today, isn’t it dear?”

My sight clears up as I look at the place you usually sit in, across from me in this window side table.

I miss you so much.


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