No one’s coming

I stare down the lamplit street, every now and then looking at my watch. I pop three peppermints to ensure my breath smells nice when the people come. My dog sleeps beside me, complacent in the cool air.

The shadows the trees cast on the pavement bring to life the beuatiful nightmares of childhood. Huge ghoulish creatures roaming the dark with their silent feet; they moan, echoing through the buildings. They lurk in every dark corner with their eyes made of flames searching for-

A black cat crossing the street caught my attention. I watch her as she pawed through the road leisurely, paying me no heed. She looked back at me just before she reached the bushes, wondering what I’ve been doing on the street in front of my house for so long.

“I’m waiting for someone.”

She blinked its eyes in comprehension and went on her merry way.

I stare at the rabbit on the moon. It’s making mochi in a big bowl.

I look at my watch again. It’s been at least a decade.

A crow landed on the post above me. He tilted his head wondering if anyone would come.

I shrugged and scratched one of my dog’s heads. The crow cawed back and started to prune his feathers.

I down three more peppermints; another decade has passed.

My phone beeps with a message from my brother; no one is coming apparently.

Another three peppermints go into my mouth, this time they’re for myself rather than for them.

I throw my flip phone into the Styx.

Someone should really release Thanatos.


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