1:46 AM

I realise that if I’m not going to study or sleep yet I might as well take time for some deep ass reflection.

Nothing is coming to me.

I have got two exams on Thursday and absolutely nothing but the stock knowledge I gained from highschool to brace myself through it. This isn’t working for me.

Recently I have realised that I am really quite in fact either an ambivert or rather, an introvert hiding in an extrovert’s skin. I don’t necessarily need my alone time to function well, but I do want it. I relish the times when I’m alone with my thoughts and my own personal goals and just nothing to distract myself from me. I quite like it. I really really love it.

It’s the opposite, I guess.

I’m generally only with one other person. It minimises the people I have to hang out with or be with like a group of friends but also doesn’t leave me completely alone. I do find that even with that one solitary person I still find the need to be totally by myself. I should really discuss that with him.

My studies, admittedly, are not doing great. I have to study more.

I should sleep.


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