It comes as a shocking thought that no one in this family trusts the other.

Scratch that, about 2/3 persons in this family of three don’t trust the other two. Mom’s the golden exception.

I have my secrets. I prefer to have my school life and my house life very separate. I curse, I drink, I’ve done intimate shit with people, and I talk about sex as if its nothing else but a pile of hormones specially bundled to give you the best high one can get. None of these would be particularly understood by either of them. Shit, I don’t even think they’ve had sex after they had me.

My father keeps his phone and tablet with him at all times. Much like me. He has passwords on everything and doesn’t give it out to anyone, not even his wife. I don’t have a quarrel with it as long as he keeps his nose out of my business.

As for my mom? She’s the most open one. No passwords on anything except her computer and we know the password to that.

It’s tiring having to hide your true self all the time. And recently I realise this really isn’t home for me.

Home isn’t home without a “me” anyway. Hahaha. God that was lame.


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