This is the start of the third week I haven’t been home wowee. November 17, 2014

Today in my life I am plagued with a constant dull pain in my chest. I do very much hope that this isn’t a heart attack in progress as I have an exam in Chem 40 later which I will not, cannot, want not to miss. This is due to the fact that if I do miss it (on account of a heart attack) I will have to take another probably much harder test on it during Finals week which is as hectic as it is.

I have a total of two hours of sleep gotten from the hours of 930-1100. This was ill gotten as I still had to study a numerous amount of what I need to know for the Chemistry examination. It’s a whole damn lot and I’m sort of panicking.

Speaking about chem, I will proceed to type what I think in chem in Italics, and what I hear and study in IT1 in normal font.

We will be using python today.

Configurational stereochemistry is concerned about how the compound takes up space in, well, space.
Stereochemistry- take into account the spatial aspects of molecules.
Chirality- “handedness”
Achiral – superimposable on mirror image
Chiral – non superimposable on mirror images

Have to make variable to store stuff.
has to start with alphabet, may have alphanumeric, underscore.
also Case sensitive

3 tests for chirality
– Presence of a chiral center (STEREOCENTER)
– Presence of a plane of symmetry
– to be chiral has to have 4 different groups attached to central carbon.
Enantiomers – mirror image isomers.

3 representations for chiral molecules
– Wedge
– Fischer
– Three Dimensional

ABSOLUTE CONFIGURATION – the actual orientation in space of the groups around a stereocenter
R – “rectus” L. Right
S – “sinister” L. Left
The higher the atomic number the higher the priority.

Optical Activity- the ability of a chiral molecule to rotate the plane of plane polarized light.
Enantiomers have identical:
1. Boiling Pt.
2. Melting Pt.
3. Index of Refraction
4. Solubility in common solvents
5. infrared spectra
6. rate of reaction with achiral reagents

Python 1

Python is easier than c

From text File to this in python. First python program.

Python is easier than C

python 2

From text file to python program.

Configuration based on optical isomers:
dextrorotatory (+) clockwise
levorotatory (-) counterclockwise

Parts of a Polarimeter
Plane Polarized light
Sample tube
Rotated Light

optically active compound – a compound which rotates the plane of polarized light.
Racemic mixture. 50% d 50 l – optically inactive

The total number of stereoisomers will not exceed 2^n where n is the number of chiral centers
enantiomers: mirror image isomers
diastereomers: non mirror image isomers
stereoisomers: same molecular formula but differ in the spatial arrangement

From code to  program

From code to program

Meso compound – an achiral compound with chiral centers
Optically inactive

Organohalides can be classified into three groups:
Alkyl halides
Vinyl halides
Aryl halides

Classification of Alkyl halides
Primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Common name: alkyl group + halogen name
ex. Methyl chloride


IUPAC name
naming alkanes and cycloalkanes. Halogens largely treated as substituents
CH3CH2CH2Cl CN propyl chloride
IUPAC chloropropane
CH3CH2CHClCH3 IUPAC 2-chlorobutane
CH3-Ar-Br IUPAC 1-bromo-2-methylcyclohexane

Physical properties
Slightly polar owing to the polar C-x bond

Screenshot from 2014-11-17 17:26:45


BP increases as the MM of X increases
BP increases as the number of X increases
BP increases as the number of C chain increases
BP decreases as branching increases

Insoluble in water but soluble in low polarity solvents like benzene and ether.


ze code

#pangalan = input (“what is your name?”)
#print (“hola”, pangalan,”!”)
#taon = int (input(“year of your birth: “))
#edad = 2014- taon
#print (“you are”, edad,”years old”)
while x!=0:
pangalan = input (“\nwhat is your name? “)
taon = int (input(“year of your birth: “))
tangkad = float (input(“height (in cm): “))
bigat = float (input (“weight (in kg): “))

edad = 2014-taon
bmi = bigat/((tangkad/100)**2)

print (“hola”, pangalan, “!”) #\n
print (“you are”, edad, “years old”)
print (“height (in m): “, tangkad/100)
print (“weight (in kg): “,bigat)
print (“bmi: “,”%0.2f” %bmi) # the 0.2f means two decimal places

if bmi< 18.5:
print (“you are underweight. go to mcdo more often”)
elif bmi>=18.5 and bmi<22.9:
print(“so cliche. you are normal -_-“)
elif bmi>=22.9 and bmi<27.4:
print(“put down that burger. you are overweight”)
elif bmi>=27.4:
print(“you are chubby”)

x= int(input(“\npress 1 to continue, 0 otherwise”))

I am panicking like all hell.


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