Today I coded in Python


import time
print (“Temperature Converter”)
choice = 0
while choice != 3:
        print(“1 Celsius to Fahrenheit”)
        print(“2 Fahrenheit to Celsius”)
        choice = int(input(“3 Exit \n4 Something else \n”))
        if choice == 1:
               celsius = float(input(“Temperature in Celsius:”))
               cfahrenheit = (1.8 * celsius)+32
               print(celsius, ” Celsius is “,”%0.0f” % cfahrenheit, ” Fahrenheit”)

        elif choice == 2:
               fahrenheit = float(input(“Temperature in Fahrenheit:”))
               ccelsius = (fahrenheit-32)/1.8
               print(fahrenheit, ” Fahrenheit is “,”%0.2f” % ccelsius, ” Celsius”)

        elif choice == 3:

        elif choice == 4:
               print(“Hellooo there. Fancy seeing you here. \nThis is supposed to be a Temperature converter not a chat line. Go back the way you came. (PRESS CTRL D)\n”)
               print(“Why are you still here?”)
               answer1 = int (input(“1 Because I am bored. \n2 To annoy you \n3 I honestly don’t want to study Bot11 \n”))
               if answer1 == 1:
                      print (“There are other much better things to do. Go away. \n \n \n \n”)
               elif answer1 == 2:
                      print (“Indeed your mere presence is insufferable. Go away before I set the hounds on your heels \n \n \n \n”)
               elif answer1 == 3:
                      print (“Go and study you fool. Do you honestly want to see that teacher again next year?”)
                      time.sleep (5)
                      print (“You’re an idiot \n \n \n \n”)
                      print (“If you want to speak gibberish, get out. \n \n \n \n”)

               print(“please choose a valid number”)

I maed dis. be proud of me.



i like this site

I’m kind of stoned in a non marijuana way



This is the start of the third week I haven’t been home wowee. November 17, 2014

Today in my life I am plagued with a constant dull pain in my chest. I do very much hope that this isn’t a heart attack in progress as I have an exam in Chem 40 later which I will not, cannot, want not to miss. This is due to the fact that if I do miss it (on account of a heart attack) I will have to take another probably much harder test on it during Finals week which is as hectic as it is.

I have a total of two hours of sleep gotten from the hours of 930-1100. This was ill gotten as I still had to study a numerous amount of what I need to know for the Chemistry examination. It’s a whole damn lot and I’m sort of panicking.

Speaking about chem, I will proceed to type what I think in chem in Italics, and what I hear and study in IT1 in normal font.

We will be using python today.

Configurational stereochemistry is concerned about how the compound takes up space in, well, space.
Stereochemistry- take into account the spatial aspects of molecules.
Chirality- “handedness”
Achiral – superimposable on mirror image
Chiral – non superimposable on mirror images

Have to make variable to store stuff.
has to start with alphabet, may have alphanumeric, underscore.
also Case sensitive

3 tests for chirality
– Presence of a chiral center (STEREOCENTER)
– Presence of a plane of symmetry
– to be chiral has to have 4 different groups attached to central carbon.
Enantiomers – mirror image isomers.

3 representations for chiral molecules
– Wedge
– Fischer
– Three Dimensional

ABSOLUTE CONFIGURATION – the actual orientation in space of the groups around a stereocenter
R – “rectus” L. Right
S – “sinister” L. Left
The higher the atomic number the higher the priority.

Optical Activity- the ability of a chiral molecule to rotate the plane of plane polarized light.
Enantiomers have identical:
1. Boiling Pt.
2. Melting Pt.
3. Index of Refraction
4. Solubility in common solvents
5. infrared spectra
6. rate of reaction with achiral reagents

Python 1

Python is easier than c

From text File to this in python. First python program.

Python is easier than C

python 2

From text file to python program.

Configuration based on optical isomers:
dextrorotatory (+) clockwise
levorotatory (-) counterclockwise

Parts of a Polarimeter
Plane Polarized light
Sample tube
Rotated Light

optically active compound – a compound which rotates the plane of polarized light.
Racemic mixture. 50% d 50 l – optically inactive

The total number of stereoisomers will not exceed 2^n where n is the number of chiral centers
enantiomers: mirror image isomers
diastereomers: non mirror image isomers
stereoisomers: same molecular formula but differ in the spatial arrangement

From code to  program

From code to program

Meso compound – an achiral compound with chiral centers
Optically inactive

Organohalides can be classified into three groups:
Alkyl halides
Vinyl halides
Aryl halides

Classification of Alkyl halides
Primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Common name: alkyl group + halogen name
ex. Methyl chloride


IUPAC name
naming alkanes and cycloalkanes. Halogens largely treated as substituents
CH3CH2CH2Cl CN propyl chloride
IUPAC chloropropane
CH3CH2CHClCH3 IUPAC 2-chlorobutane
CH3-Ar-Br IUPAC 1-bromo-2-methylcyclohexane

Physical properties
Slightly polar owing to the polar C-x bond

Screenshot from 2014-11-17 17:26:45


BP increases as the MM of X increases
BP increases as the number of X increases
BP increases as the number of C chain increases
BP decreases as branching increases

Insoluble in water but soluble in low polarity solvents like benzene and ether.


ze code

#pangalan = input (“what is your name?”)
#print (“hola”, pangalan,”!”)
#taon = int (input(“year of your birth: “))
#edad = 2014- taon
#print (“you are”, edad,”years old”)
while x!=0:
pangalan = input (“\nwhat is your name? “)
taon = int (input(“year of your birth: “))
tangkad = float (input(“height (in cm): “))
bigat = float (input (“weight (in kg): “))

edad = 2014-taon
bmi = bigat/((tangkad/100)**2)

print (“hola”, pangalan, “!”) #\n
print (“you are”, edad, “years old”)
print (“height (in m): “, tangkad/100)
print (“weight (in kg): “,bigat)
print (“bmi: “,”%0.2f” %bmi) # the 0.2f means two decimal places

if bmi< 18.5:
print (“you are underweight. go to mcdo more often”)
elif bmi>=18.5 and bmi<22.9:
print(“so cliche. you are normal -_-“)
elif bmi>=22.9 and bmi<27.4:
print(“put down that burger. you are overweight”)
elif bmi>=27.4:
print(“you are chubby”)

x= int(input(“\npress 1 to continue, 0 otherwise”))

I am panicking like all hell.

NOV 3 2014 Document Collaboration. WOOT WOOT

Today I am not late.


Today we learned about Document Collaboration. That is, as stated by Wikipedia to be the “the tools or systems set up to help multiple people work together on a single document or file to achieve a single final version.” We focused on the online part of these systems, mainly cloud computing.

Cloud computing is the process of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. One of these is Online Storage. There are many online storage tools or websites ranging from 2 Gigabytes of storage to 1 Terabyte of it, though some are only limited to store only one type of file. A couple of these storage tools are Apple iCloud, MiMedia, FLCKR, and Google Drive.

We focused on GOOGLE DRIVE

Google drive is amazing by itself as it allows for simultaneous online collaboration of different people on one document, it has 15 GB of storage, and it allows you to upload ANY TYPE OF FILE. This contrasts with FLCKR and MiMedia which only stores one type of file, Image files and Music files respectively.

And afterward we made a story and a poster collaboratively in google docs and google slides!! Hahahaha It was funny. 😀

That’s all for today. see yalll

The 10th of November, 2014

As I have not gone home this week and will also not go home the next, I am in dire need of sweets and home baked goods; particularly home baked from my home. December is fast approaching and with the oncoming slaughter of cold winds from Siberia comes a week full of tests and after the tests, a week full of Finals which are generally just longer tests about everything you learned the whole semester and not just for that particular length of topic. I find myself slowly unraveling and getting closer to the edge of oblivion where I will jib in gibberish consisting of both scientific names of plants (for this I thank profusely my dearest Sir Gruezo) and the reactions of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, carboxylic compunds, carbohydrates, etc. etc (and for this I thank my beloved Chem 40).

And yet here I am, gladly not yet jibbing in gibberish, spouting relatively few scientific names and chemical reactions than I would be if I had utterly completely unraveled.

Life is good.

As such, IT 1 is break from the monotony of the all mostly-related-to-biology-sciences as it is just a science-not-quite-related-to-biology. Thank the gods and the heavens and Odin and Thor and Kidagakash and whatnot for I will have enough of the bio-related sciences during Veterinary Medicine proper next school year and to have a science not that much related to bio (which isn’t physics for I abhor the thing with the very essence of my soul). Though I confess I am not very good at coding (I am absolutely horrible at it) I posses a profound love (a quite forced love) for logic. I like coding more than logic though I have to say I am not very good at any of those. I love a lot of things (like Bot 11 and Chem 40) but I really am not good quite horrible at most of them. I have to say the only thing that I love and loves me back is Baking. ❤

Speaking of baking I am insanely hungry. I want something sweet but huhuhu calories. I gained an approximate of 3-4 pounds the past week and I am not happy. I am not happy at all.

Today in IT 1 News:
We learned about logic and coding. We used this site and picked the link “MAZE.” Everything there is pretty simple except for the 10th maze wherein it just jumbles up your life and makes  you cry for that bonus you didn’t get. The maze is navigated by the google maps guy and by you moving him through algorithm. An algorithm is a series of steps to achieve an end anytime, every time. The algorithm must work for all instances of the problem.


What Blockly looks like. Look at that cute lil google guy

I didn’t get the bonus as I lacked the brain cells and the sufficient food to make up for the lacking brain cells.



We proceeded to the website where we were supposed to add our teacher and do this thing called “HOUR OF CODE.” Ma’am Drio said it was very much like Blockly except easier than Maze ten and is more limited in slots for the parts of the algorithm. The whole class wasn’t able to get it as the site was down. And so it was that I have an assignment due on wednesday. 😦

I do encourage people to try Maze though 😀 expecially Maze 10. Tell me if you get the hang of it. I will venerate you like I do tiramisu.

As I am extremely hungry, I will say ta-ta (like Mrs. Doubtfire) and see you sometime hopefully this week! Cheers, all!