Another Hectic Monday

I was late by a *multiple of three* minutes today, copying notes from slides for a quite extensive exam. I am so tired. Coupling a Chemistry Exam with with a NASC3 (Physics in Everyday Life) exam isn’t so hard; it’s actually quite manageable. But couple that with a NASC 8 (Practical Botany) exam the day after the first two exams then a PI 10 (Rizal and Life) paper due on the day after that and you’ve got yourself a haggard Kit who would rather sleep in or snog a rather Schrodinger cat-ish boyfriend.

I didn’t even go home this weekend! Granted the non existence of travel time and the distractions of baking (I supposedly bake every week I just don’t have the time to actually post it here) had been very productive. It was met with approximately 4 hours of sleeping in the day and not sleeping at all at night.

I have to say, I kind of missed this. I love studying. I really do. It really is just that one gets burned out sometime when there’s so much to do and so little time to do it with. I’ve been functioning on one full night’s sleep for an approximate of three days. I only expect the number of days to add up and the hours of sleep to keep at a constant.

I am quite envious of those people who can function great on three hours of rest per day. I had a teacher like that once back in high school. He was one of my favourite teachers and was incredibly smart to the point that, even though he was colorblind he knew and could still teach us how to react reagents with which others in order to find what the chemical compound was made of.

With every culmination of the weekend there exists a Monday. I am ever so grateful to U.P. and it’s decision to make Monday a research day (we are after all a research university) and thus mostly have minimal if none at all classes on the day most loathed by students and workers alike.

With the Monday comes my one and only class of that day, IT1.

Today we relearned the Binary Arithmetic and the different representations of binary code. These representations are the following: Fixed Point, Magnitude, Signed-magnitude, and Signed-complement; the last being the one used for Binary Addition and Subtraction. Quite confusing as this includes two ways of showing and adding negatives: The 1’s and 2’s complement.

To get the 1’s complement:

1.) 10001001

the left most digit is a 1 and therefore negatively signed.

the rest of the binary digits, 0001001, is equal to 9 in decimal form.

to make it’s 1’s complement, simply exchange 1’s with 0’s and 0’s with 1’s (excluding the leftmost digit) and thus making it so: 11110110.

To get the 2’s complement

1.) 10001001

get it’s 1’s complement


add 1




and thus that is it’s two’s complement.

Now to add or subtract them you may use either 1’s or 2’s complement. Though me being me I favor the simpler one and just do everything in 1’s complement

only complement the numbers which are negative or those that you are subtracting.

for the 1’s complement add the end carry (the extra digit at the left most; the ninth digit counting from the right) to the sum

for the 2’s complement discard it.

I am much too tired to redo the exercises in the handout, but rest assured I understood them perfectly. I will study 2’s complement more though at a time where I have more sleep and less scary exams to think about.

See you next monday! -with love and a really frazzled mind from Kit D.


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