Last Monday Night

It is miracle that I woke up just in time to brush my teeth and run to IT 1. Sleeping in the afternoon of a Monday is a luxury few can afford. I savour each and every second of it in an attempt to shove it up peoples faces as they go and have more productive and fulfilling lives than I do. They can all feck off.

Happily reaching the doors of PC LAB 2, I come across the dilemma of ICS’ perpetually locked doors. It makes me feel a lot of the times back in Highschool when I was barely late and I couldn’t enter the class anymore because the teacher had locked the doors. Every time in ICS I am gripped with that fear. That fear of being locked out of a class so completely and utterly you can’t even sneak a peak of the lecture through the window, let alone take notes. Happily a classmate opened a door for me just as Ma’am Drio (hiiiiii) was about to enter as well.

That Monday (last Monday) we learned how to convert one number system to another. The number systems taught us were decimal (usual stuff), binary (all ones and twos yesss), octal (eights wooo), and hexadecimal (aww yes two eights together this is legit.) These number systems are used to store numerical data or addresses of data. The bigger the number, the bigger it is to write in binary and so it is converted into other number systems like octal and hexadecimal.

Finishing the handout ahead of time, I kept practising them. It was an old favourite of mine to do and re doing the exercises reminded me of that time.

We had a game with some very odd plot twists. It was way fun. Conversions in 2 minutes or less helped me inflate my ego. We didn’t win though, but a score of 23 is okay <3.

Afterwards I learned binary addition. I got kinda confused about them, and I think I'll ask about them again. I confess that in the exam I converted the binary numbers to decimal, added them, then reconverted to binary. I got an 88 percent in the exam by the way. 😀 be proud of me.

And so ends another eventful shift. I'll be back tomorrow for some more IT1 fun. 😀


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