A Sunday Morning


I woke up at 6 am today; something amazingly uncharacteristic of me. The weather presents it’s early morning shower, the best weather for just curling up beside a loved one and maybe reading a book. It’s quite cool but not too cold for me to shiver: a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius. The morning light filtered through the clouds is relaxing and I kind of really want to sleep again.


Lying down on the kitchen counter with one of our two Shih-tzus (Peachy) I wonder what I’m going to do today. Life as a student is getting harder by the week, and I am torn between baking and studying for the next exam. I also miss crocheting immensely.

The light is getting brighter; I’m not a fan of bright lights. Hope to post more coherently later. I am obviously still groggy. Goodbye!


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