IT 1 Laboratory Awww yiss.

Today is the the eighth of September, in the year 2013, and for the first time in an IT 1 Lab class,  I am surprisingly not late. The weather swears vengeance on me for a plight I did not commit and is switching from agonizing me with the Sahara desert, the marshy wetlands of the bayou, or the freezing temperatures of PC Lab 2. Though I admit the last one wasn’t the weather’s fault. My head has been hurting unceasingly since the day before. The best I could muster today is a slight thrumming at the back of my head and my eyes feeling as hot as if they were coals rather than gooey eyeballs. Nonetheless I am here, like the good student I strive to be, doing my utmost best trying to be the best and failing miserably.

As such, today as soon as we were all sat down, we were asked to stand and open up what I then knew as a CPU. I know better now and understand that it is thus rightly called a system unit. I am beleaguered by the thought that I have been fooled by my teachers from elementary till high school. There, I learned to disassemble a few more things, unscrewing the casing and plucking the heat sink (which till today I knew as the fan,) seeing the actual CPU (what a cute little chip it is,) finding out that the huge board thing is the motherboard (who could have possibly guessed?,) and generally having a swell time seeing many of the inside parts of the unit. 

I guess the thing that struck me the most are the ports (PCIs) with which you could add to the motherboard. The thought itself as exciting and with the AGP for the Graphics Card. One of my frustrations in life is not being able to play any games on my laptop (an old HP trundled down from my mother in her Master’s days.) I can’t even play Minecraft!! Do you understand the hopelessness of the feeling that your computer can’t even process a pixelated game? (well to be honest the graphics, or what ever graphics there are in minecraft, are pretty good) It’s a godawful thought and I am thinking if it is actually possible to change the graphics card. Otherwise I’ll live for another 5 years or so. It’s a sturdy laptop and I’ve honestly grown attached to it.

Afterwards, we were given a LaptopCatalog with which to choose a Laptop given their specifications. I admit, mostly the only thing I looked for was how good the graphics card is and if it can play Skyrim: Elder Scrolls. I did my best to look at the other specs as well, but the video card was paramount.

My head is spinning and I think I should go home and rest. Today was great fun, and I honestly want to go and learn how to build myself a desktop. Though where I’ll get the money and where I’ll put the desktop when it’s finished still remains a mystery for me. 



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