IT 1: Stuff I learned today

I was late for class today.

And yes, it is definitely my fault. 

No alien came from the sky and abducted me. There were no accidents on the expressway going here. There were no cows blocking the road because they can. I was and am just sick; literally, physically sick. So I lay in bed and slept the whole afternoon and woke up at exactly four o’clock, by which I jumped out of bed and almost literally ran to the computer room.

It was pretty good that my fever had subsided by then and I didn’t shiver my way to the front of the room where one of the few unoccupied seats were. I intently listened to the lecture and opened the site written on the whiteboard. I opened the handout and read through it and soon enough my CLI was open and I was testing the commands out. I love doing this. 

I hate to say it but yes, I went ahead of the teacher a bit. Tiny, tiny bit. I was too excited. I missed doing this and the bare to the bones setup of a CLI somehow excites me. I remember programming and setuping networks with CLI and other things back in HS and I really really really miss it. 

Commands learned: (Copy pasted from handout) 

C. CLI Commands

1. pwd – print working directory

– displays the full, absolute path of the current, or working directory

2. ls – lists the contents of a folder

3. cd – change the current location

– cd <path>

– cd ~ (shortcut to home)

– cd .. (move one directory up)

– cd – (return to your previous location)

4. mkdir – create a directory

– mkdir <directory name>

5. touch – create an empty file

– touch <file name>

6. rm – remove files

– rm <file name>

7. rmdir – remove directories

– rmdir <directory name> (deleting an empty directory)

– rm -Rf <directory name> (deleting a non-empty directory)

8. cp – copy files

– copies become independent of the original one

– can be overwritten

– cp <file name> <new file name>

9. mv – rename and move files

– if the target file is located in the same folder as the source file, it

can only be renamed; otherwise, the source file is moved

– mv <source> <target>

10. cat – displays the contents of text files on a screen

– cat <file name>


That should let me remember them for a good while. I loved trying them out.

And then I made this wordpress account.

All in all, quite fun for a class 🙂 yaaay.


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