Goodness gracious sakes, another wordpress blog

Now I understand that a lot of us have seen and read numerous wordpress blogs and are unexcited (the opposite of excited; honestly meaning pissed) that, as such, another one has appeared to document the life of yet another teenage girl.

And yes, I am as unexcited as the rest of you. But be assured, fellow men, that you are not so much required to read this thing as I am required to make it; and I AM required to make it for a subject in college named IT1 (aptly named Information Technology 1 as it teaches you all the basic things there is to know about computers in the hopes that you will not forget them within the next year or so.) As this is a requirement, I will by all means do my best to make is as enlivening and entertaining for my teacher (who will be following the posts here till the end of the semester, and after that she will chuck the bookmark of this blog and forever forget that such a thing exists) and for everyone else who would struggle to read about my inane and amazingly boring life.

As I am stupendously bored, I will attempt to organise what I will put in this thing.

  • Short stories of my life
  • Funny stories I heard from others
  • Jokes
  • Drawings
  • Stuff I need to post for IT1
  • Reflections that may or may not be deep
  • Projects! (gardening, crochet, floor plans, etc.)
  • Pictures 
  • Videos

I think that’s basically it.


Oh and I’m supposed to write about IT today!! (Every Monday ya’ll) But that will be on a separate post yesss.

Have fun with life. Don’t die. Live well. Use protection. Yes.



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